A warm coastal breeze blows in from an azure sea. Fishermen nearby are casting nets and wading out to their small boats moored a hundred feet off the coast. Gulls circle overhead, swooping down to grasp the cast offs from the fishermen. Further down the shore, large merchant ships are docked, the piers terminating in a boardwalk that branches off into the forest beyond. Faint smoke trails waft on the breeze above the trees indicating a port village or perhaps a town not far beyond the shoreline.

There are several stalls between the boardwalk and the shore selling tackle, offering net repair and cartage to the fishermen. Children mill about the stalls offering their services as runners and ship hands.

Much closer, and visible to your eyes only, the Rainbow Bridge fades into nothingness. The memory of your seemingly brief stay in Valhalla brings a smile to your face. Your armour and weapons, gifts from the thunder god Thor, shine in the sun and your heavy traveling clothes remind you that you are not near Neverwinter any more.

The events that brought you here would make a tale worthy of song: arriving in Phandelver to find your mutual friend, Gundren Rockseeker, you became embroiled in a struggle to free the small village from the grip of the Redbrand: a vile group of thieves and cutthroats. The situation seemed well in hand — until the dragon arrived.

The battle raged, Venomfang was defeated, and then things started to get complicated. As Phandelver became inundated with merchants and treasure seekers looking for the dragon’s hoard, your party went from folk heroes to town leaders. And still Gundren was missing.

But you were being watched, and not only by mortals. Thor watched on and approved. But so did an Elder Thing, a creature of pure chaos and malice, whose motive is beyond human reasoning. This being is said to have 1,000 forms and is known as the Black Man, Herald of the Outer Gods, and Nyarlathotep.

Thor warned you about getting caught in the upcoming War of the Gods, the beginning stages of which are just now taking place as the forces or Chaos and Order fortify their positions. Thor also seems to know more than he has let on about Turin’s brush with Chaos, the taint of which has imbued him with strange powers.

And then there is Avery; elf and thief for sure … and potential saboteur and murderess of her former party. Avery has two of Venomfang’s eggs still in her possession, and something will have to be done about that soon…

Gundren’s cousin, Zex, newly converted cleric of Thor, has sworn vengeance against Nyarlathotep and his cult for Gundren’s murder.

Then there is the small matter of The Wizardess, Duracella … was she always an avatar of Nyarthotep? Or was your party deceived? The answers to those questions seem as though they will only be answered in Neverwinter.

There is some comfort, such as it is: at least Rat’s peculiar seafaring background may come in handy on the next leg of your adventure, provided he can stay sober enough to book passage.

Finally there is the Spell Forge, a hidden artifact of untold power. Gundren knew of its location. Was that information wrested from him before Nyarathotep sent him to the hall of his ancestors? And how will you now locate it? Is there a clue that was overlooked at Cragmaw Castle?

Ro-Kan grins … there is something far sweeter smelling than cook fires from the village beyond the trees. It bears the definite smell of Glory!

Brazen Fox :: Quest For The Spell Forge

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