Ro-Kan Ogalakanu

Goliath Tempest Cleric of Thor


Ro-Kan Ogalakanu

Stormcaller of the Lost Tribe on the Mountain, the Flash-Lightning of Thor, the Dragon-Butcher, the Twice-Restored


Ro-Kan is the last of his tribe, the Ogalakanu. They were once a prosperous tribe, living off the land in some of the harshest environments in the Realms. Ro-Kan’s people worshiped the raw power of the elements themselves. The wind could that could blow down a mighty oak. The water that could carve through the Mountain itself. The Lightning and Thunder that could destroy most anything the Storm saw fit to destroy.

Ro-Kan and many of the younger tribesmen would offer their services as guides and guardians for merchants who sought to move through the dangerous Mountains that they called home. It was one of the few chances to meet Outsiders that were available to curious young Goliaths. The roads through the Mountains were oft fraught with peril. Bandits, raiders, and wild beasts could ravage a caravan that wasn’t adequately prepared, and so this is how Ro-Kan met Gundren Rockseeker. Whenever Gundren needed to transport goods through the Mountains, he would request Ro-Kan by name. The worshiper of Thor was quick to agree, as he loved being able to channel his God’s fury through his mighty Maul or Longbow, or just his Fists, in order to punish those who sought to do harm to the innocent.

But life on the peaks of the Mountains is precarious at best. And one day after completing his prayers, a terrible storm visited its destructive wrath upon his Mountain home. His people were met by Goblin hordes, Orc raiders, Human bandits. Hobgoblins and Owlbears. Nearly everyone was slain. The Chaos of the storm had destroyed them.

Ro-Kan vowed then and there that he would harness the destructive nature of the storm and control it, by the blessing of Thor. He would wield this mighty power to crush his enemies, and elevate his name to live forever among the mightiest heroes of all time, so that the name of his clan would never be forgotten.

After travelling a bit aimlessly for a while, spending a few months alone in the wild, a few weeks in this town or that city, he eventually received a letter from one Gundren Rockseeker requesting his help.

Help needed.
Come to Phandalin.
Meet with my cousin.
Gold and Glory await.
Bring your hammer.
-Gundren Rockseeker

And so Ro-Kan headed South, to meet with Gundren’s cousin… for Gold and for Glory…

He met with Zex Rockseeker, and joined him in his quest. Along the way, they met a Wizard, Mun Mekhtetmo. Next they met with Rat, a Halfling pirate whose twin cutlasses were nearly as deadly as his personal hygiene.

Together, they followed Gundren’s trail to a cave full of goblins, led by King Klarg the bugbear. Ro-Kan defeated Klarg in single combat, and they rescued Sildar, leader of Phandalin and traveling companion of Gundren. Mun Mekhtetmo left the group here, electing to avoid further violence.

Returning to Phandalin, Sildar told them about how Gundren was being held prisoner at a nearby castle by someone called “the Spider”, and being pumped for information on the whereabouts of something called “the Spellforge”.

When they arrived in town, they immediately ran afoul of a group called the “Redbrand,” a group of thieves, kidnappers, murderers, slavers, and rapists that had been slowly strangling the small village. In their scuffle with the criminals, a green-eyed Warlock named Turin Gull stepped in to help and proved himself trustworthy and useful in combat. He joined them as an adventuring companion, and was only too happy to help eliminate the Redbrand.

They then met up with a group of mercenaries, in the employ of a Halfling bard named Ten Ten-Leaf. Ten and his mercenaries joined Ro-Kan and his friends for a small fee and helped infiltrate the Redbrand hideout. Ro-Kan defeated the Redbrand’s leader in single combat, a Wizard named Glass-Staff, by grappling him tightly and smashing his face into the wall until he passed out. They brought him to Sildar for trial.

Once Sildar set off to seek justice Glass-Staff’s crimes, the group celebrated with a drink. Or twenty. Properly sloshed, they decided to head to the bar owned by the Redbrand, and eliminate any stragglers. When they arrived, they found the Redbrand had set a roadblock for them, including a few animated skeleton warriors. Ro-Kan and his companions made quick work of the Redbrand, and Zex and Ro-Kan were only too pleased to destroy the undead creatures. A few tried to run away, but were easily brought down by Turin’s eldritch blasts.

With the Redbrand finally defeated, Ro-Kan and the gang elected to take the bar over themselves. They named it “The Frays & Balks”, because in all their multiple frays with the Redbrand, after Ro-Kan would demonstrate his combat prowess, the last surviving Redbrand or two always balks and runs away.

After returning to the Redbrand hideout, with stout miners and a cart, Ro-Kan and the gang cleared out everything the Redbrand had, and were able to return most of the stolen goods to their rightful owners. They met the Orc builder, Krag, and hired him to make improvements to their new bar.

That night, while drinking, an angry green dragon arrived in Phandlin demanding the return of its stolen eggs. They had been taken by a young elf wizard named Avery, who had recently returned as the last surviving member of her adventuring group, and she refused to return the eggs.

Ro-Kan and the group set about creating an ambush for the Dragon when it returned. The plan hinged on getting the Dragon to the center of town, and the Wizards cast illusion magic to make it appear as though the town was surrendering, creating the image of a pile of gold and treasure with the Dragon’s eggs sitting atop it.

When the Dragon entered town to retrieve her eggs, however, Ro-Kan drank an invisibility potion and fired himself out of a catapult that he and Krag constructed on the roof of the Frays & Balks, and smashed his hammer down onto the base of the Dragon’s skull. He then hung on as Venomfang (the dragon) flew straight up into the air. Ro-Kan placed his hand over the ear of the Dragon, called upon Thor’s might and blasted a devastating THUNDERWAVE directly into the brain of the evil creature.

The Dragon’s eyes rolled up into its head and its body went limp. Ro-Kan thought back to earlier that day, when they had all met with the Priestess at the Shrine of Luck. She gave each of them a disc, about the size and shape of a sand dollar, that would let them “stand up again, if you should fall”.

Ro-Kan smiled. As he and the Dragon plummeted out of the sky, Ro-Kan reached into his belt pouch and removed the disc. He placed it in his mouth, and muttered a prayer to Thor.


The Dragon’s body hit the ground with enough force to shatter all the windows for blocks. Ro-Kan’s body smashed into the cobblestones short distance away.

A moment passed. Neither Venomfang nor Ro-Kan moved. Then…

“GLORY!” Ro-Kan spat out the fragmented bits of the Luck disc and pulled himself to his feet, wobbly, then stalked over to the Dragon.

“I will have this Dragon’s skull mounted atop the bar!”

Ro-Kan set about having the body broken down for meat and parts, claiming bones, claws, scales, and teeth. He did most of the butchering himself over the next few days. Turin showed some interested in the Dragon’s poison glands, and Ro-Kan was able to save one.

As news of the Dragon’s death spread, Phandalin was invaded by merchants and travellers of all stripes. Ro-Kan bought masterwork armor, and was gifted a masterwork hammer. They then were teleported to near the Castle where Gundren was being held by Duracella, a wizard that Ro-Kan was warned by Thor himself to not trust.

They arrived at the Castle, and slaughtered the Hobgoblins within. They rescued Gundren, who quickly informed them that his and Zex’s other cousin was camped just nearby. They went to the campsite and were shocked to discover that Gundren was actually Nyarlethotep in disguise. He killed Ten. He killed Turin. He killed Zex. He killed Rat. He killed Ro-Kan.

His eyes opened, and Ro-Kan found himself and his friends on the shores of Valhalla. Entering the Great Feasting Hall, Thor greeted them and informed them that their work in the mortal realm was not yet complete. Thor imbued all of their weapons and armor with his magic. Zex quickly forsook his old deity and pledged his hammer and axe to the service of Thor. Ten followed suit.

Thor then sent them back into the realm of mortals, and they arrived on an unfamiliar beach in an unfamiliar part of the world.

Ro-Kan was filled with purpose. He had been Chosen by Thor, and was well on the path to GLORY

The beach where they set foot was part of a town called Scarabaceus. A coastal town built around a highly productive Diamond Mine. Everything in the city was there to support the Diamond mine. Even the Wizarding College was there to turn out Weather Control magicians who were necessary to allow the ships that transported the diamonds back to the mainland to reach their destinations without getting sunk in a storm.

One such ship, The Lion’s Mane, was piloted by a young Half-Orc that turned out to be the grandson of Krag, the builder—wait… grandson? It turned out they had been flung 100 years into the future! Krag’s grandson helped them get hired as guards aboardship, and they set out with a cargoload of diamonds.

Not long after setting sail, they were set upon by a shitload of Kuo-Toa riding Giant Pleisiosaurs. Ro-Kan killed a ton of them, and saved Zex from drowning—Ro-Kan is cool like that.

But the ship got damaged in the attack, and so they set course for a nearby small island…

Ro-Kan Ogalakanu

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